Hachiko, The Loyal Dog of Japan celebrates a birthday!

Hachiko, the loyal dog of Japan, is still being celebrated to this day – nearly a century later. His story and undying loyalty have touched the heart of many and for good reason. Hachiko was a special dog.

An Akita puppy was born on a farm in Odate, Japan in November 1923. Two months later, the little dog was placed in a small straw crate to meet his new owner. The journey started out in a blizzard. After twenty hours by bumpy train – the puppy reached Tokyo, his destination, and the story of Hachiko was born.

Alone, in foreign surroundings and the future unsure – the small pup was greeted by an earthquake, snowstorm, and a sandstorm. This was Hachi’s devastatingly difficult beginning.

Who would imagine, almost a century later, this puppy would be in the hearts of people – all around the world.

Just last month, I experienced this in person.

A True Hachiko Experience Around the World

In London, The Egerton House Hotel has an in-house mascot dog – the manager’s own pup. They are super dog friendly, with a special menu, dog treats, beds and they even host canine events too. They are crazy about dogs!

Hachiko loyal dog of Japan celebrated

Hachiko Monument in Japan

Of course, I met the pup, mentioned being a huge dog lover, and about “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”. It seems everyone had seen the film! From then on, wherever I went- a staff member would come up to share their affection for Hachi’s story.​

In Porto, Portugal, our driver stopped at a park. A man was tossing a frisbie to his dog- who entertained us with acrobatic moves (the dog, that is). We talked dogs, and discovered our driver loved “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale”.

More of Hachi’s Fans

In Malaga, Spain, I noticed that our taxi driver’s cell had a cute image of a dog. A huge dog lover, he knew all about Hachi. While in Mallorca, I had lunch in a tiny sidewalk cafe. There was a Hachi-looking dog nearby.

We talked about Akitas and the Hachi film. Our young waitress overheard, and got super excited- turned out that she loves Hachi, too! She rounded up another waitress, and insisted on taking our pictures.

On our cruise ship, one elderly man actually brought his Hachi DVD with him…

Hachi’s loyalty continues to inspire people… after over 80 years.

Happy Birthday Dear Hachi!


No matter who you are or where you’re from, the story of Hachiko and his gripping, impactful loyalty can reach you. Let’s celebrate how one dog changed the lives of many – around the world!

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