of the joyful, true story of the loyal Akita dog Hachikō.

Vicki Wong & Hachi is for passionate Dog Lovers. Learn about Hachi’s heart-full movie, surprising insights on how our canine friends look at life (and us!)...increase Joy, Purpose & Passion with bite-size, actionable tips in "The Hachi Life Blog".

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I’m Vicki, the creator-producer of Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. My mission is simple: Share Hachi’s tale with the world to increase compassion and respect for our animal friends, all while learning from them too.

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Hachi’s story is one of inspiration, one that teaches us all about the importance of loyalty, faith and undying love.

A lost puppy, Hachi is warmly embraced by a small community and, in return, his faith and loyalty inspires the entire town. The wide appeal of Hachi’s story is in its universal inclusiveness, the potent, radiant energy that speaks to the very core of us.

Deeply emotional animals, our dogs feel experiences, making it more important than ever to bring them into our day-to-day life. And the reward for doing so is that our furry friends make us better, kinder, and more emotionally in tune with the world around us.

Animals don't speak our language - they have no “voice". But they speak to us in a more profound way than humans do. When you listen, you will receive powerful lessons that could change your life.

You may think that one person can’t make a difference...

but one dog did.

And his spirit lives on every time his story is told around the world.

How do your personality traits align with Hachi?

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Do you have The Hachi Spirit? Take this fun quiz to discover how much you're like Hachi - the legendary, loyal Akita dog who waited almost 10 years for his owner's return.

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Hachi a dog's tale

A profoundly moving film about a dog’s simple act of devotion that has spurred a global community of inspired believers.

Hachi Animal Stars

Everyone who sees the film, young or old, man or woman, from any background, shares an unshakable response to Hachi’s story - an awakening to what truly stirs their soul. 

Learn more about the film

"This is an amazing story showing the unconditional love and loyalty of a dog for his master."

"This movie tells me what true love is."

"The most touching and heartwarming movie I have ever seen."

"This is a wakeup call movie that inspires you to do more with your loved ones and love them with unconditional love."

theHachi story

Then & Now: The Legacy, The Film, The Community

The unforgettable saga of Hachi, the film and the community that lives on today.

The Hachi Legacy
The heartwarming true story of Hachikō, the Loyal Dog of Shibuya.
Read the fascinating true story of Hachikō

The Hachi Film
Inspired by Hachikō's captivating story and Vicki's own dog, Hachi.
Learn about the movie and the dogs who played Hachi

The Hachi Community
Join our global community bonded by the central themes of Hachikō.
Share with like-minded, passionate Dog Lovers

theHachi blog

Open Your Heart To Hachi’s Simple Yet Profound Lessons

Enjoy a healthy dose of Hachi Life posts - filled with fun, clarity, smiles and feel-it-in-your-bones wisdom. On top of this, you’ll receive:

  • What your “best friend” really thinks about you.
  • How to understand your pup’s “dog talk”.
  • How to live The Hachi Life – starting today!
  • Support on your pet loss journey.
  • And more we can’t express, but you’ll feel...

Enjoy posts from the original Vicki Wong & Hachi blog! See how he’s grown and flourished, and join us on his continuing journey.

You won’t want to miss another moment with Hachi!

Understanding A Dog’s Emotions: Why They’re Our Best Friends

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It can often take a lot when understanding a dog’s emotions. There is something truly special about the bond between us and our dogs. For centuries we’ve kept them as our companions, allowing them to hear our greatest fears, know our biggest dreams,...

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For Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, we used Shiba Inu puppies instead of the larger Akitas to play the younger Hachi in the film. They grew so fast that we needed to use many during the shoot. My own Hachi was a Shiba Inu. The most popular breed of dog in Japan, the...

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