Why does your dog go so crazy when you get home?

Whenever I had to leave Hachi I knew I would be getting a crazy welcome when I returned. I used to have a vacation home in Honolulu… when I came home Hachi would be looking out the window for me and go frantic with wiggle-waggles! He’d do an excited happy dance, hopping all around. It was the cutest!

Even when I was in the city, Hachi would be waiting at the door and break into his wild dance steps when I walked inside.

It’s adorable – and a great welcome home – but why do our furry friends do this?

Dogs are just pure love and joy – they can’t help but express it. So when they are happy to see you, you really know about it!

Does your pup lick your face when you get home?

Licking your face is your precious pup’s way of showing how much they love you! It’s an affectionate, bonding action for them. But I found out there’s another reason for them licking our faces when we are reunited!

Dogs have such a great sense of smell – and they are using it on you when you get home. They lick your face to get a good smell and taste. Then they can work out where you have been, what you have been up to, pick up signs about your mood – and, maybe most importantly for them – check out what you’ve been eating!

This amazing sense of smell and being so in tune with their humans’ body chemistry gives our pups superpowers.

Some dogs can’t stop at wagging their tail

If your canine companion doesn’t just wag its tail – but its whole butt – you are not alone! Wagging a tail looks like it comes effortlessly to our dogs but it does take a bit of effort. When they are puppies sometimes you can notice their tail seems a little stiff when they wag it.

So, some of our enthusiastic fuzzy friends – when they are totally overcome with joy at seeing you – wiggle their whole butts, or even their whole body!

Your fur baby really does love you

You are the most important person in your dog’s life. It’s not just about being a “pack leader”. Your dog genuinely loves you and sees you as part of the family… just like you do them.

Sometimes we think “oh, they’re not pleased to see me really, they just want food or to go out…” but it’s not true! Your pup is thrilled to see you.

Research has even shown that some dogs would rather have praise, pets, and interaction with their owner more than a treat.

The famously loyal Hachiko didn’t even wait for his master to get home before putting on the big welcome. He waited at the Shibuya station for the Professor’s train every day.

Read the real story of Hachiko, the world’s most loyal dog.

Dogs live totally in the moment

You might get home still thinking about a pair of shoes your dog chewed up, or a recently appeared hole in the lawn. You might feel guilty about having been away or having told them off before you left.

But for your fuzzy friend, this is all ancient history. There’s only one thought on their mind: how great it is you’re home!

Hachi always used to be ready in position for a grand wiggling display as soon as I got home – I used to wonder if he even moved when I was away! That was before baby (puppy!) cams. Nowadays you can watch your dog excitedly preparing for your return.

How does your furry best friend welcome you home? I’d love to hear all about it! Then try out the How Hachi Are You Quiz to discover how your personality traits align with Hachi.

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