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Beautiful Story

I first saw Hachi: a Dog’s Tale about a year ago. I still think about it today. I was very moved and touched. It’s a beautiful story that all should see.

the Hachi wall

Notes from Hachi fans and dog lovers around the world

 Hachi’s tale ignites a flame in our hearts, warming our lives with its enduring message. 

Beautiful Story

I first saw Hachi: a Dog’s Tale about a year ago. I still think about it today. I was very moved and touched. It’s a beautiful story that all should see.

I love HACHI!

I have been touched since I watched the movie.
I keep thinking of Hachi and the movie.

Thanks a lot!

Love and Powerful story

This movie has brought me a lot of positive energy, I love it very much. In fact, I have depression, but after watching this movie and understand the story of Hachi, it has changed my life to become better. I am no longer depressed every day but actively and bravely face life. Even if it was a sad movie, it made me cry for a long time. Thanks to this movie, dear Hachi and three cute Akita dogs. Be Hachi. Be Happy.❤️

Trust, Love, and Loyalty: Hachiko

My life has always been intertwined with dogs, for good reason. They are the best friends you can ever have.
The movie :Hachi: A Dog’s Tale and Hachiko’s loyalty has made me aware of how deep and lasting their love can be toward us.
We need to always return that trust and loyalty to them.
Hachi’ would like that.
Bruce Burnette

My favourite movie

Hachiko is my favourite movie because i love the loyalty of the dog and the akita dog breed.I have watched this over 15 time and i always cry!I have to say to Hachi that he lives in our hearts and we all love him.I hope to visit his statue one day.Also,Leyla,Chiko and Forrest are all great!

Hi note

This story touched my heart and love this move.

animals have feelings, too.

I cried through the entire movie the first time I saw it. Still cry every time I see it. Hachi, you taught us how to love completely, and that true love lasts a lifetime.

Hachi story

I always wanted akitas for 10
Years. Then when I seen the movie, it made me want them even more. Now I have several. The breed is remarkably loyal, smart, silly and so lovable. Hachi will always have a place in everyone’s heart. And the actors of Hachi were amazing. Dogs and people. Hachi lives on 🐾🐾

Love from dog

How much a dog could love you and will miss you when you are no longer on this earth😭❤️🐾🐾 Hachi

Dear Hachi,

You probably won’t remember that rainy day in May, more than thirty years ago, when we met. After all, I am just one of the thousands who pause every year with tear-filled eyes to admire your beautiful statue.
I fell in love with you and your story then and there, dear Hachi, and not a day goes by that I don’t remember you.
Soon I shall return to Shibuya and pause in wonder by your statue once more, I promise. In the meantime, my loyal and true friend, rest in peace beside your beloved master.


Loyal Pets Come in Many Forms

Hachi is my favorite pet movie. But it’s not just dogs that are loyal. My wife tells me that our cat, Sushi, waits for me every day by the door for at least an hour before I arrive. As soon as I open the door he purrs and rubs and gives kisses. He has licked away my tears when I was sad. And this “puppy cat” travels with us everywhere.

Hachi & Me

From the first moment I saw Hachiko’s statue, the tender story of the loyal dog of Shibuya and the professor had a profound effect on me. I was hooked! Back home, I adopted my own “Hachi”, and was constantly in awe of his strong yet gentle spirit – and the lessons I learned from my “dog”. This website was created to spread the powerful tale of friendship, faith and everlasting love – from one dog who made a difference. XOXO Vicki

Akita’s Love

My husband and I, we both love Hachi and the history and the story of Hachi, Ever since we both seen the movie, we have always wanted an akita of our very own. So last summer after doing a lot of research about the akita breed, we were giving a pup as a gift, a female akita that we named Kanji (the name means polar bear in Chinese).

Kanji, she will be two years old next year and we are so in love with the breed and the loyalness of the breed.

Poh’s Coast to Coast Trip

When Poh, a 15 year old dog from New York City was given a terminal prognosis at the vet, his owner knew there was only one thing to do: take a cross country bucket list road trip with his faithful sidekick. From the Seattle Space Needle to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the wide eyed duo saw it all. “People think I take care of Poh, but Poh takes care of me.”

So touching and real! This is not just a kids’ movie.

I just saw this movie today, and I’m so glad I did.

It is based on a true story and it’s only natural that the movie is great because the real story itself is very touching. One of the things that sets this movie apart from the other movies that involve animals is how they stuck to reality instead of throwing in some a-little-hard-to-believe elements here and there just to make it more entertaining.

Sometimes they show things through Hachi’s eyes as opposed to human eyes, which helps you relate to him and understand how he felt and what he thought then, as well as emphasizes that Hachi is the main character of the movie.

This is not just a kids’ movie. In the end everyone including myself was crying because we were so moved. It is a must-see.

Unprecedented loyalty in a story of age-old friendship

Knowing the real-life story behind it, Hachi: A Dog’s Tale has been made in a sort of staged documentary style. For those who can keep alive their interest even in a simple story, who won’t shy away from emotional involvement (as if this can be controlled), they’ll easily find themselves consumed by its mere beauty and warmth. Usual man’s-best-friend story, spiced with an intriguing yet inspiring detail, shall leave you a bit sad, inevitably pensive, but ultimately delighted. Even more so after the reading of the real-life epilogue.

A Richard Gere classic and performance of a lifetime

Unbelievable… this movie will be seen for years and lifetimes to come. This is a movie you will never forget from your mind and heart. You will remember this story forever it is a classic forever and a true story to boot. Wow.

A Powerful Tale

I would rate this as probably the best dog movie ever to come out of Hollywood. If you’ve made it so far as to read reviews, you really should just buy it. I can’t imagine any dog lover being disappointed in this magnificent film.

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