February 18, 2020

Wagging Tails with Hachi: How One Kind Act Changes the World

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Want to change the world? Start by changing YOUR world by doing something kind for someone else (dogs included!) each and every day. Science shows that being kind is one of the best ways to increase your overall happiness. And, if you...

5 Ways A Dog Helps Your Health

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Dogs are fantastic companions who bring all sorts of joy to our lives. Through them we can learn to open our hearts and live a life of meaning. Dogs also have very a very practical impact on our lives and our health, as we will discover here! .. Click...

November 19, 2019/1 comment

Can Having A Dog Help You Live Longer?

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Could a puppy prescription be a new treatment for old age? .. The dog-lovers among us have felt this to be true for a long time. I have certainly seen the benefits with my own eyes - but science has confirmed that owning a dog helps you live longer and...

October 15, 2019/No comment
September 17, 2019

Why crying during Hachi: A Dog’s Tale is good!

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One minute I can be watching a movie, then all of a sudden the emotion wells up and then… Know the feeling? .. “A good cry.” The positive and negative going hand-in-hand. Crying can be seen as an expression of sadness, a cue that we...

July 16, 2019

Dog Bucket List: 10 Fun Things to be Like Hachi!

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Many of you have probably thought about your lives and come up with all the things you want to do before your time here is up…but what about your dog? For that reason, we must cherish the time we have left with them. Making a dog...

May 21, 2019

9 Wonderful Ways Having A Dog Is Great For Children

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In Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, schoolboy Ronnie tells the story of his grandfather’s dog and the huge impact Hachi had on everyone’s lives. He describes Hachi as his hero and wins over his class with the tale of Hachi’s extraordinary loyalty...

woman hugs dog

Do you love your (Hachi) dog more than humans?

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I take lots of photos on my travels like most of us. Except, the majority of my holiday pictures are of the local dogs! When I walk down a street I’m often not looking at the people, but dogs. If you find yourself thinking that you care more about your...

April 23, 2019/4 Comments
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