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Do you love your (Hachi) dog more than humans?

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I take lots of photos on my travels like most of us. Except, the majority of my holiday pictures are of the local dogs! When I walk down a street I’m often not looking at the people, but dogs. If you find yourself thinking that you care more about your...

April 23, 2019/4 Comments
March 12, 2019

My Trip to Tokyo: Seeking Hachiko

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When I first spotted Hachiko's statue at Shibuya Station, it was love at first sight. Soon after being introduced to his story, I adopted a Shiba puppy and named him after the loyal dog. We were inseparable for sixteen years, all the...

Young Italian Fan Pens Love Letters to Hachi

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An Italian girl’s devotion has become part of Japan’s long adoration of its most famous and loyal dog. Ten-year-old Stephanie watched “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale,” and began writing a series of notebooks about Hachiko’s true story. Stephanie, now 15 and a...

April 7, 2015/7 Comments

In Rhode Island, Hachi and Professor Ueno Together Forever

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Hachiko and Ueno Dedication It’s in front of the Woonsocket train station – the same spot where Hachi waited in the film. I just had to see the new statue, and the station looks the same!  Even the building (where the bookstore was located)...

March 16, 2015/11 Comments

Hachiko comes alive in  “Pawprints In Japan”

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Looking for a way to bring this emotional story to life? This Hachikō book, “Pawprints in Japan” is perfect for remembering such a loyal, loving dog. It’s just what you need! “Pawprints In Japan” is an enthralling Hachiko...

July 10, 2013/11 Comments