Living the Good (Hachi) Life – How Hachi’s Dog Tale Can Inspire Us All to Live Adventurously and in the Moment

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My philosophy: “Be Hachi. Be Happy.” is all about staying true to Love, Loyalty and Friendship. It’s about accepting the totality of an individual. You can’t expect a beagle to be a greyhound! And, why would you want to? Click To Tweet

Since I was little, I’ve been called to chase adventure. Rather than spending time playing with dolls, I preferred to arm wrestle the boys. I craved action and wasn’t afraid to test the limits.

One time, when I was six, I was determined to get Easter baskets for my home. Not interested in waiting until someone could take me to the store, I walked six blocks, crossed a busy main street, and filled my shopping cart all the way to the top with baskets. Moving my cart into the checkout line, a neighbor happened to spot me and decided to call my mother.


My childhood is filled with memories of adventure – running through fields to catch mice, making friends with chameleons, hauling my little red wagon door-to-door to sell flower seeds to neighbors.

The freedom that I felt then is the same that I still feel now, capable of stirring up simple joys, the ones that make you feel instantly alive and overwhelmingly happy.

Since those early days of adventure seeking, I’ve learned to seek thrills in other ways – launching businesses (from medical to fashion), exploring the world (I’ve been to over forty countries), and owning homes around the globe. I’ve survived hair-raising ups and downs.

Life is not one-size-fits-all by any means. Like characters in a novel, we all experience different journeys, different chapters. For me, I’ve learned that the only certainty in life is change!

Looking back, I love that my life so far has been full of adventure. Yes, sometimes it’s been crazy, but it’s always been interesting.

One of the most profound chapters in my life began when my dog, Hachi, was brought into my life. Through Hachi, I learned to have an appreciation for consistency and balance. Hachi was an old, wise soul, one that knew how to speak directly to mine.

That pup fascinated me with his wholeness and purity of being. Not only did I learn a lot from that little guy, but he inspired me to BE more like him. (You can read my story here.)

So, I decided to study his ways.

My Philosophy: “Be Happy. Be Hachi” is all about staying true to Love, Loyalty and Friendship. It’s about accepting the totality of an individual, not just bits and pieces. I always find myself saying, “You can’t expect a beagle to be a greyhound!” And, why would you want to?

While I enjoyed exciting adventures, after adopting Hachi, I found myself realizing that sometimes less is more. In “having it all,” I found that satisfaction in life is directly tied to our personal relationships – quality not quantity.

True happiness is found in lovely moments, and you can experience those wherever you are.

I invite you to join me on this journey! Sign up to join our Hachi-Hearted Community by entering your name and email below. Together we can discover the secrets of living the Good (Hachi) Life!


Embark on a transformational journey that will expand your capacity to enjoy life and all its little gifts. Plus, get our free "Be Hachi. Be Happy" guide:  ​7 Ways You Can (And Should) Be More Like Your Dog.

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David L
David L

Because I want to learn to live “The Hachi Lifestyle”—love, loyalty and friendship—I will read this regularly as it will guide me forever.


Hachi’s gentle spirit encourages compassion towards those in need, tolerance for those who are different from us and faith that with a pure heart the right path will be revealed. His steadfast energy continues to touch people’s hearts after over 80 years. Keep returning for more Hachi Love and inspiration! May Hachi stay close to your heart… 🐶💖