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Where dog lovers, Hachikō history buffs, and a dedicated group of global Hachi ambassadors connect to celebrate and spread Hachi's everlasting themes of love, loyalty and friendship... all with “dogged” determination!

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Hachi brings us home

Hachi brings us home

Not to a place, but to our heart’s simplest desires — to be anchored in peace through simplicity and lasting love. Hachi movie fans understand how powerful a message of love and loyalty can be, one story becoming a global movement, inspiring transformative journeys for people everywhere.

Those who have truly loved or been loved by a faithful dog have been forever changed. Our canine friends have an amazing ability to expand our capacity to love ourselves and our lives, no matter how chaotic or complex things become.

When a loyal dog extends a paw, we can’t help but gain a new perspective. The Hachi Family is a global community and a haven for ALL dog lovers. It’s a place to connect with likeminded people who believe in the power of loyalty and love.

Grief Support

Pets are family, and saying goodbye is tough. Share your loss with our supportive group and receive compassion, resources & love from others who have lost their best friends.

Hachiko Stories

Celebrate and honor Hachiko, the loyal dog of Shibuya, and share treasured images and remembrances. His story shines bright, around the world, even after 80 plus years!

Life Lessons

Each pup has their own story. You are their "voice". Share the joyous, emotional, from-the-heart moments with the world. Discover the wisdom of loyal dogs, like Hachi, through lessons shared with the community.

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