Hachi Waits: Poem by Daniela Caride, “The Daily Tail”

One fan penned a powerful Hachiko poem. The love for this loyal, devoted dog knows no bounds, as is made evident by Daniela Caride’s poem, Hachi Waits.

Thank you to Daniela Caride for sharing this poem, Hachi Waits, in her popular “Daily Tail” blog!

“I humbly ask you to send this post to every person you know who may be able to find a home to a pet in need. Together we may be able to ease the pain of homeless animals like Hachi, who ask for so little and give back so much.”

Hachi waits
By Daniela Caride

Hachi waits at the train station
The dog waits for nine minutes
It’s after five
It’s time
And the professor doesn’t arrive

Hachi waits for nine hours
Nine days
The professor is late
But the dog doesn’t mind
At the train station he stays

Hachi waits for nine months
Nine years straight
He’s convinced the professor is really late
But the dog doesn’t mind
At the train station he stays

Tired of old age, not tired of his long wait
Hachi finally closes his eyes
And finds his friend
In his deepest dreams inside
At the end

But Hachi still waits
Even after he died

He waits on the streets of every town
At all the neighborhood pounds
Under the skin of every dog around
For someone to rescue him

To give him
A name
And a home
Where love abounds

Hachi waits

It’s true that this dog’s love knows no bounds. Hachi Waits is not only a beautiful poem, it’s one of truth, devotion, and loyalty. What do you think of it?

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2020 years ago

Beautiful poem in the honor of such a loyal Akita. Hatchi is loved through all eternity.

herve leger
2020 years ago

Adding this siteurl is an issue because when you want to distribute this to your customers the problem is when i change my servers – i have to repackage the wsp with the correct new site url – any workarounds for this?

2020 years ago

I love your poem it’s such a beautiful way to appriciate what dogs do for us and do to your poem when I grow up I’m going to get an Akita and name it Hachi.


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