Hachi: A Dog’s Tale – “Croquet”

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“Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” Behind the Scenes This behind the scenes snippet was taken from personal experience with my dog Hachi. I never met a dog who didn’t like to fetch – until I met Hachi. I’d toss a ball, and he’d watch it roll to a stop. Then, he’d look at me as if to say, “I wonder why she keeps doing that?” Unlike the Hachi in the film, my Hachi never fetched even once!

Hachi: A Dog’s Tale – “Something More”

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“Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” Behind the Scenes: Cary Tagawa played Parker’s best friend and colleague. This was the first role for Cary that was outside his “tough” guy image. We were all impressed with the depth and sensitivity he brought to the character. Off-screen, Cary is as nice as the character he plays here. What do you think of these behind the scenes shots?

Hachiko Cartoon

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A very moving short Hachi cartoon was sent to me by Leslea Newman, author of “Hachiko Waits”. Even though it’s in Japanese, the emotions remain the same. Hachiko’s true story still bleeds through in this Hachi cartoon so we can all witness his true miracle again with a new perspective. Thought I’d share it with you…