March 12, 2019

My Trip to Tokyo: Seeking Hachiko

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When I first spotted Hachiko's statue at Shibuya Station, it was love at first sight. Soon after being introduced to his story, I adopted a Shiba puppy and named him after the loyal dog. We were inseparable for sixteen years, all the...

Rhode Island Welcomes Hachi

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Our Rhode Island Hachi experience was something I could never have imagined! There were so many highlights with making Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. From my remote island life in the South Pacific, suddenly- I was in the middle of a film production. Rhode...

December 28, 2017/No comment

Hachiko, The Loyal Dog of Japan celebrates a birthday!

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Hachiko, the loyal dog of Japan, is still being celebrated to this day – nearly a century later. His story and undying loyalty have touched the heart of many and for good reason. Hachiko was a special dog. An Akita puppy was born on a farm in Odate,...

November 10, 2017/No comment

Hachiko honored in New Jersey October 9th

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Hachiko honored at a premier aftercare service facility offering pet burial services for over 40 years! The memorial park has been selected to receive an exclusive reproduction of the life-size Hachiko and Professor Ueno statue recently unveiled at the...

September 21, 2016/3 Comments

Hachiko’s Family Reunited 90 years after his Birth

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After many years, Hachiko’s family has been reunited! It’s been 55 years since professor Ueno’s common-law wife passed away, but they were recently joined together in Tokyo’s Toyama Reien cemetery.   Hachiko’s family...

July 13, 2016/8 Comments
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