“Hachi”- a Chow/Akita mix needs a home!

County firefighters brought a Hachi dog into “Affordable Animal Hospital” in Torrance with third-degree burns covering over 60 to 70 percent of his body. He was nothing but a sweetheart from the time he was carried in – black and charred with the pads of his feet literally falling off.

Long weeks of treatment and recovery followed for this Hachi dog.

Hachi will make a certain someone or family a very special companion. He is loyal and a totally devoted animal.

Hachi dog

Hachi dog Akita/Chow mix after burns

Much of the burn areas covering his face and body will never grow hair back, there is not much left of his ears either… but they are looking for someone who can overlook what many may find unsightly on the outside to see what a jewel he is on the inside, and be reminded of all those that are good in the world: Firefighters willing to risk their own lives for that of another and especially that of “just a dog.”

The vets, technicians, groomers, and staff at Affordable Animal Hospital that helped him along in his recovery. The county shelter for footing the bill of this special dog’s lengthy road back to health. This Hachi dog is ready and waiting for a home as special as he is.

Hachi can be seen by appointment with an approved application, so please e-mail for more information at [email protected]

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