How Hachi and Our Dog Friends See The World

Dog & Human

In the film Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, we show Hachi, the main character, seeing the world through his eyes. While we feel closely attuned with our canine friends – they see and think of the world a bit differently from us; through a dog’s eyes.

By nature, humans and dogs are wired to experience an incredible bond, something we’ve been well aware of for quite some time. I know I have with my dog. New scientific research is continuously revealing just why this connection is so strong, showing that dogs and humans actually influence each other in more profound ways than we ever knew. Through dog cognition, we can understand this profound bond.

Dogs are a part of the Family

And to singles and some families without children- dogs are the family. My Hachi was my “child” until he passed at age 16. And to my parents, Hachi was their “grand-dog”.

And don’t even get me started on his wildly over-the-top birthday parties!

With nearly half of all American households being home to a dog (44% to be exact), our obsession with our canine friends is stronger than ever — and for good reason.

Dog Cognition and Their Intelligence

As we explore the intricacies of dog cognition with the help of new studies, we’re learning more about why our dogs do what they do (and that they are much more intelligent than we give them credit for).

We all see our dogs doing odd things from time to time but figure it’s because they’re dogs.

But we’re discovering that they do these oddities for a reason. We may come home to a doggy mess, our pup may slink around and we think: guilty! But our canine friend is most likely fearful of being punished, just like you would be.

As deeply emotional animals, our dogs feel experiences, making it more important than ever to bring them into our day-to-day lives. And when we do, we also reap the benefits from our furry friends as they subconsciously work to make us better, kinder, and more emotionally in tune with the world around us.

I’m fascinated by what and how our furry friends think, and we’ll explore more of what our intelligent canine friends have to offer in the near future.

Question of the day: We can all relate to our dogs doing seemingly crazy things! What behaviors do you notice in your pup? And why do you think they’re doing it? Let me know in the comments on the blog!

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2 years ago

Hi, Hachi friends! I really wish we had been present at one of your Hachi’s ‘over-the-top’ parties, Vicki! Maybe you can find some old photos? You asked about crazy moments in the life of our dogs …. I can remember one such moment very clearly! When I was a child, our dog had a strange habit of walking backwards around our garden. I really can’t imagine why …. but she soon stopped after falling into our icy pond in the middle of an English winter! One thing I really miss about our dog’s behaviour? She would always place a firm,… Read more »

2 years ago
Reply to  Anastasia

Hi Anastasia! Thanks for sharing your special pup moments! I love about holding “paws”. Our furry friends show their emotions in many ways. It’s heartbreaking to hear of animal cruelty as if they don’t “feel” or bond with us humans!

My Hachi was treated as a family member – with birthday parties and all. He had a dog bed in my passenger seat, and went everywhere with me!

I’ll dig up the old Hachi photos and share some special moments with Hachi friends! 🥳


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