Dog Bucket List: 10 Fun Things to be Like Hachi!

Many of you have probably thought about your lives and come up with all the things you want to do before your time here is up…but what about your dog?

For that reason, we must cherish the time we have left with them. Making a dog bucket list is the best way to do that.

In Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, the professor and his pooch always had so much fun! This bonded them for life and cemented Hachi’s loyalty – which is what we all want.

Think about all the fun things you can really do with your canine friend. Their loyalty and undying friendship deserves to be repaid in any way you can. Continuously taking your dog out for adventures is just one way to do it.

They’ll be rolling over for belly pets with their tongue flapping with each activity you try!

Here are some of the very best things you can do with your furry friend for life.

1. Go shopping together

If you’re not taking your dog to a pet store and letting them pick out a toy or two for themselves, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to see your dog full of happiness! Your loyal companion will be overjoyed- just by walking into a store smelling of all their favorite treats and toys.

Let them choose a few toys that call out to them. This will be so joyous in the moment, but they’ll still feel the love after you’ve returned home. Every time they play with that toy they’ll be reminded of you.

Don’t you want your furry friend to be happy all hours of the day?

2. Take a road trip

Nothing can make dogs happier than spending hours with their head hanging out the window and their tongues flapping in the breeze. And what’s better is that they’ll be with you the whole time. Their favorite human!

Our dogs crave quality time so they can bond deeper with us- just like Hachi! The more you get to spend time together, the deeper your bond grows…and the more they’ll love you and feel fulfilled in their life.

3. Have a feast made for kings

No dog will refuse a gourmet doggy meal. Head to the store and put together a feast made for the best loyal dog around, because that’s what you have! You don’t have to do this all the time for your dog to feel the love and greet you with sloppy kisses.

Every now and then or even just on holidays, let them have a steak dinner followed by an even better dessert.

4. Dress up for Halloween

What better way to show your pup and the world how much you love them than by playing dress up and going out together? Have fun! There are so many different options when it comes to dressing up as a pair.

Instead of leaving them home while you head out for the night, make your dog a part of your costume and let them tag along. Their little tails will be going full speed- all night.

5. Doggy massage

Your dog runs and plays all the time. Surely their poor little muscles are tired and sore. Taking your best bud for a dog massage is the perfect way to show them you care. They’ll have the opportunity to relax- and even feel more love.

Research some great pet massagers near you or even do it yourself. Let your dog know that you’ll take care of them in every way.

6. Go swimming

Just like with canoeing, not all dogs are great with water. But if yours is the type who just wants to jump in and doggypaddle all day long, joining you in a lake or dog-friendly pool might just make them the happiest dog there is!

Bring some dog toys to play fetch. Pack a few delectable treats your pup loves. You’ll have an exhausted dog that just wants to cuddle afterward! What could be better?

7. Give them a spa day

Pet Grooming Salon. Dog Getting Hair Cut By Woman Groomer At Animal Spa Salon.

Do it yourself or sign them up for a spa day at a dog salon that allows you to accompany them. It’ll be one major day of relaxation and pampering for your companion.

Dogs need some extra attention and muscle relaxation- just like people do. The grooming, massaging, and your company will forge a powerful connection of love and devotion, much like in Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.

8. Dog-friendly hotel visit

This could be a staycation if you have a dog-friendly hotel near you or you can take a road trip to a hotel. Finding a hotel that not only allows pets, but even pampers them is ideal — your baby deserves the best, after all.

If you’re ever in the San Francisco area, Hotel Nikko is perfect for this. Each dog that checks in even gets a dog bed, bowls, and treats! What more could your loyal dog need? You and your pup an even hit the terrace for some off-leash fun.

9. Teach them new tricks

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Even if your dog isn’t old, grab a few treats and spend an afternoon teaching them something new. Dogs crave learning. It stimulates their minds in ways almost nothing else can.

They’ll feel more confident and will be exhausted afterward. It’s also a perfect opportunity to solidify your lifelong companionship. This is also something you can do every day to foster a closer connection with your best furry friend.

10. Go to the beach

There’s so much for a dog to do at the beach. They can roll around in the sand, chase birds, and even swim. The possibilities are truly endless. You can even make some homemade dog popsicles and pack them in a cooler for a cool treat your pup will love to scarf down.

While your dog is getting warmed up chasing the waves, you can help them cool down with a treat afterward. Their tail will be wagging all day long.

We all have to face the reality that our dogs will not be around forever. While it’s sad to think about…it also helps us realize that we have to truly cherish our loyal companions every chance we get by bonding with them on a level just as deeply as the professor in Hachi: A Dog’s Tale.

These are some of the best ways to do that – make your dog feel treasured for life! How do you make your dog feel treasured? Let me know in the comments!

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