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Hachi's enduring tale inspires us to gain authentic connection, hope and satisfaction in our daily lives. When we nourish our own inner selves  we can better support others. Check in regularly for your healthy dose of Hachi Love!

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My Trip to Tokyo: Seeking Hachiko

Hachi Around Town (News)deathfamilyhachihachi friendshachikohachiko's statuehomeloyalloyal dogprofessorprofessor shiozawaprofessor uenoshiozawastatuetea ceremonytokyotrain stationuenoyaekoyaeko and hachiko

When I first spotted Hachiko's statue at Shibuya Station, it was love at first sight. Soon after being introduced to his story, I adopted a Shiba puppy and named him after the loyal dog. We were inseparable for sixteen years, all the way up until his...

March 12, 2019/5 Comments

Living the Good (Hachi) Life – How Hachi’s Dog Tale Can Inspire Us All to Live Adventurously and in the Moment

The Hachi Life (Inspiration)adventurebasketscartchaptersdecidedexperiencefeelfeltfilledfoundhachihappinesshappyjoinlearnedlifelovetruetrue happiness

My childhood is filled with memories of adventure - running through fields to catch mice, making friends with chameleons, hauling my little red wagon door-to-door to sell flower seeds to neighbors. .. Since I was little, I’ve been called to chase...

February 12, 2019/6 Comments

Rhode Island Welcomes Hachi

Hachi Around Town (News)director of the rhodedirector of the rhode islanddog's taleexecutive directorexecutive director of the rhodehachihachi a dog'shachi a dog's talehachi productionhachi welcomingislandisland hachiisland hachi productionisland hachi welcomingrhoderhode islandrhode island hachirhode island hachi productionrhode island hachi welcomingrichard gere

Our Rhode Island Hachi experience was something I could never have imagined! There were so many highlights with making Hachi: A Dog’s Tale. From my remote island life in the South Pacific, suddenly- I was in the middle of a film production. Rhode...

December 28, 2017/No comment
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Vicki Wong & Hachi

Vicki Wong & Hachi
Hachi: A Dog’s Tale was inspired by a combination of Hachikō’s true story and the friendship with my own dog, Hachi, a constant source of joy and comfort.

I created this space to share Hachi’s powerful story and all he represents with the world. My mission is to promote compassion and respect for our cherished animal friends.

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