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Hachi's enduring tale inspires us to gain authentic connection, hope and satisfaction in our daily lives. When we nourish our own inner selves  we can better support others. Check in regularly for your healthy dose of Hachi Love!

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Understanding A Dog’s Emotions: Why They’re Our Best Friends

The Hachi Life (Inspiration)behaviorbest friendsdogdog'sdog's emotionsdog's eyesdogsemotionalemotional soundsemotionsempathyfeelfeelingfriendsnegativepositiveresearchersunderstandingunderstanding a dog'sunderstanding a dog's emotions

It can often take a lot when understanding a dog’s emotions. There is something truly special about the bond between us and our dogs. For centuries we’ve kept them as our companions, allowing them to hear our greatest fears, know our biggest dreams,...

October 2, 2018/No comment

Bred for Loyalty: The Amazing History of the Shiba Inu

The Hachi Life (Inspiration)breedbreedsdogdog breedsdogsinujapanjapan by immigrantsjapaneseloyalnative japanesepeoplepure shibashibashiba inusmall gameunited stateswar iiworld warworld war ii

For Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, we used Shiba Inu puppies instead of the larger Akitas to play the younger Hachi in the film. They grew so fast that we needed to use many during the shoot. My own Hachi was a Shiba Inu. The most popular breed of dog in Japan, the...

September 18, 2018/No comment
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Vicki Wong & Hachi

Vicki Wong & Hachi
Hachi: A Dog’s Tale was inspired by a combination of Hachikō’s true story and the friendship with my own dog, Hachi, a constant source of joy and comfort.

I created this space to share Hachi’s powerful story and all he represents with the world. My mission is to promote compassion and respect for our cherished animal friends.

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