A message of hope and a challenge to create meaningful opportunities during COVID-19 pandemic

Loyal Hachi

Through these uncertain days surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe, bring the Hachi spirit into your world through the practice of love, loyalty, and friendship – the values that Hachi and our beloved canine friends live every moment of every day. 🐶

The good news is that our Hachi community is alive and thriving!

During trying times, people crave support and our warm, friendly Hachi-Hearted Community does just that. People share favorite memories from the beloved film Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, adorable pictures of their pups, and notes of encouragement. I’d love to have you join us! And, let your friends join the fun, too!

Today’s unprecedented challenges create unique opportunities to interact with family & friends in a more profound manner. As a bonus, they increase our appreciation for everyday things (food, household supplies, social events…) we take for granted.

Hachi inspires us to gain authentic connection in our daily lives.

When we nourish our own inner selves, we can better support others.

And, think of all the things you’ve been putting off. No more excuses! After all, you’ve got all that extra time at home to:

  • Review your diet. It’s easy to gain 5 pounds by surfing the web all day!
  • Catch up on those books/magazines (piling up) by your bedside.
  • Cut a bad habit
  • Expand your world through an online course
  • Organize your closet by tossing out unused (or unloved) household or personal items. This past year, I must have donated around a dozen huge trash bags of “stuff”. And, don’t miss one item!
  • Call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. They crave connection just as you do.
  • Sort through old photographs and relive all those warm & wonderful moments. Life has been pretty darn good!
  • Spend more quality time with your pup!

Most important, evaluate how “little” choices in your daily life…create the reality of your tomorrow. Think: how will this behavior, act to decision work to promote the life I desire?

Through it all, loyally, our pups stand by our side! 

family dog photo

Deeply emotional animals, our dogs feel experiences. Like Hachi, they love unconditionally. And the reward is that our furry friends make us better, kinder, and more in tune with the world around us.

Check in regularly for your healthy dose of Pure Hachi Love! ❤️

What is one thing you can do, today, to connect with others in a more profound way? Join the conversation in the comments below or in the Hachi-Hearted Community!

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William Byrnes
William Byrnes
7 months ago

I am not getting emails anymore. Were they for a limited duration?
I was going through some of my old movies and saw Hachi again and will be watching it again this week. A wonderful though sad story. It has brought me closer to my dog and many cats.


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